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The name of the game in the digital world is inbound marketing, i.e., drawing people to your site through great content. I can add a new voice to your existing strategy or help you craft a new one that suits your style and budget.


Still one of the best ways to speak to your most engaged customers, but you have to be focused and consistent.

Bring me in to assess your current newsletter and advise you on improving it, or turn it over to me to turn your news and stories into compelling, informative newsletters that get clicks. Contact Me

Email Responder Series

When you sign up for most brewery email lists, what happens?


What if your new list member got a special message from you? What if they got a short series of messages designed to draw them into your brand’s story and make it part of their own?

Most breweries are wasting their email lists with this oversight.

Turn your most interested patrons into loyal fans with a good responder series. Contact Me


Easily the most common form of inbound marketing is keeping a blog. Done right, a blog establishes your commitment to sharing your message with the world and builds an audience of ideal customers.

Most people, however, struggle to do it right because they lack the time or cannot dedicate enough resources to it. My goal for your blog is to take some of that resource burden off of you and to write content that fits your brand’s personality and keeps readers engaged with your story. Contact Me

Ghost Blogging

What is ghost blogging? Well, let me ask you this: Do you ever wish that your blog featured more voices from around your business? Have you invited your staff to blog, but no one’s ever really taken you up on it?

Enter the ghost blogger. I’ll interview your brewmaster or your tap room manager and craft a blog post either as that person or as an interview or update from that person. You get more voices; they don’t have to do any writing. Win-win. Contact Me

Press Releases

Broadcast your business news beyond your lists and socials with a solid press release. A good release backs off the hard sell and not only shares important information but provides a creative context that interests readers and builds your brand’s credibility and authority.

Not sure if you have press release-worthy news? Let’s talk about that. Contact Me

White Papers

If you manufacture brewery products, provide keg logistics, distribute beer, have an SaaS product, or have some other big-ticket product or service for the beer or spirits industry, then a good set of white papers is a key tool for bringing buyers through your sales funnel.

This is where persuasion is most subtle, where creativity must be most strategic and least distracting. Craft beer is maturing; brewers are becoming better business owners. Don’t rely on splashy ads to do more than get them to your site. You need to provide them with solid, relevant information to help them make a big decision.

Let’s find the right topics that will do the most work for your business. Contact Me



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